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Friday, 9 October 2020

Get More Views on Blogger website | Blogging tips

  A New Blogger Account do not have Enough Traffic as it does not have any Backlinks or any other type of Referrals. 

Due to which the Google also does not Ranks the Posts on Google. 
                                      Best Blogging ideas

As the Blogspot is new one may not be able to Rank his or her blog on the top 
Page of the Google Search Result. 

So Friends here I have come for you with some Tricks and Tips related to Ranking of Blogger Posts on Google.

 Actually these are not Professional Tips but I may Tell you that if You Uses these Tips and Tricks your Newest Blog Posts will start getting Views and if your Blog gets good Views,  

Google will also start Ranking your Blog on Google.

Some Methods of Ranking Blogger posts On Google.

  • By sharing Posts On Social Media  - One can Get Unlimited Views on His Blogger posts by sharing his or her posts on his social media account. 
such as one can share his most recent published post's link on his social media which will allow his blog to get enough views from his social media. 
  • Sharing Posts On Facebook - one can share his posts on facebook pages. such that assuming his blog is about gaming. so he need to share the link of his posts on gaming page on facebook. 
All he need to do is just search for a game page on facebook and he will get unlimited number of pages and then he can share the link there so the people who are interested in gaming will open his post and will read the full article or post.

  • Sharing on Twitter - One can also share his or her post's link on twitter if he or she has a high volume of follower on twitter. twitter is the best place to get enough views on your blogger account.
 it will help your blog to rank on the top pages of the google search result.  

How to bring Blogger Posts On top pages in google search result ?

One Can bring His/her blogger posts rank higher in google search results by sharing his/her posts on some most popular social media platforms such as Pinterest , Quora , Medium . 

You can share your blogger posts in These Popular platforms which will give you a high volume of traffic on your blogger account. 

All you need to do is to share your recent post's link to these platforms  and you will see your blog will start ranking in google search result in few days and you will get enough traffic from all over the world if your blog have high content.

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