(2020) Ludo Movie Review : Best Movie Review

(2020) Ludo Movie Review : Best Movie Review

(2020) Ludo Movie Review : Best Movie Review
Wednesday, 18 November 2020

So after the Bollywood's trending and the recent activities of making the remake in order to just earn the movie, Mr. Ramkumar Basu who is the director of this movie has choosed to provide a unique as well the interesting product known movie among the audience which may be the best thing ever.

As of now most of the Bollywood's parts are concentrating over only making the remake as well only earning money without making the people entertain. as of now recently multiple remakes has been released such of Laxmii which is inspiration from Kanchana and Coolie No. 1.

So here we are not to talk about the Remake but to review and to give the most of the information to the people about the movie ludo directed by Anurag Basu. so the movie is been divided into four parts which will show the story of four different lifes with different theme as well different characters.

So, let's take a complete look over there and know what you will be given to see into the movie and what makes it more adorable for the people. which is the most important thing to know before wathing a movie otherwise it may result only in losing your money.

Ludo Part 1 :

the First part of the movie is based upon the love life in which Actor Aditya Roy and Sanya Malhotra will be seen as the leading role. 

In the part Aditya is finding a girl for marry who would give him the full love and would provide a true love which would fulfill his whole life but beside this Sanya as the Main Actress Leading role has completely different thinking of men. 

As She Wanted and searching for a boy Rich in money, Handsome and fit in the figure and including he would give her all the happiness of the world.


Now the movie shows how will they live their life and will they be able to fulfill each other's needs? if so, How would they do so ?

Ludo Part 2 :

The second part of the movie basically Consists of the most known star Cast Mr. Abhishek Bachchan who was sent to prison due to some leading circumstances which proved him as a prisoner.

After he is released from the jail when his punishment is completed and is free from the Govt. issue. Now the main theme of the movie is after going to jail his family has moved on and now do not need their father.

So, the Thrill here comes out how will he manage to rebuild his family and how will he be able to find the love of his family?

Ludo Part 3:

In the third Part Mr Rajkumar Rao will be in the leading role and will be seen as a lover behind a married lady who is a fan Of Mithum due to which Rajkumar converts himself into the figure of the Mithun.

Afterward the lady puts some conditions toward him and he just agrees to them without thinking more. will he be successful in getting her and will their story take a true end.

Ludo Part 4 :

 Pankaj Tripathi and Rohit are the two friends full of fun and always spends their time in making jokes and making fun of other people. they never takes something serious which makes them something different from ordinary people.

But as a thrill their life has a sharp move when they finds a bag in the way full of money. will they live a best life and spend their time as usual or something in a different way.

 Some Positive Points:

  • The movie after all is going to provide a unique and a different thrill which people have a curious thought about it which makes it mind blowing. 
  • The movie  consists the leading actors which makes the movie more adorable for the audiences.
  • The movie is divided into the four parts with a different four Ludo Colors as a movie background.
(2020) Ludo Movie Review : Best Movie Review
4/ 5