Coolie No. 1(2020) Latest Upcoming Movie Review.

 Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali khan Upcoming hindi dubbed movie Coolie No. 1, is set to be releasing in December on 25th which is also the Date of Christmas.

As the people knows This is the movie which is being directed by the known directo David Dhawan and the movie is going to be produced by the Vashu Bhagnani. The movie is a hindi dubbed of Bollywood Star Govinda's and actress Karishma Kapoor's Movie Coolie No. 1.

 Casts in the movie are said to be the king of comedy which will tend the movie into another direction and it may be said to be the single reason for the movie to be seen by the people.

But, lagging these things beside let's make the day and make a happy review and let's know about the Star Casts of the Movie.

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan who will be seen as the lead Actor in the movie known as Raju, is a coolie on the station who is chosen as  Pawn by Sahil Vaid to complete his own revenge from Paresh rawal who is in the greed of money and is also thinking to marry her daughter off to the World richest person.

this will change the character of Varun Dhawan into a professional rich person on the words of Sahil Vaid. 

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali known as Malati in the movie will be seen as the leading actress role and is the daughter of Paresh Rawal (Hoshiyar Chand).

Also she falls into the love of Raju and now she do not care about his wealth and just only want to marry with him.

Paresh Rawal

In the movie Paresh Rawal with the name of Hoshiyar chand, is the father of Sara Ali khan and tends to get her daughter married with a rich and well known person.

But, he was made fool and was shown a Coolie with a rich look to take the revenge and to destroy the angerness of Him.

Rajpal Yadav

The movie having the character of Rajpal yadav can be said to be full of comedy without any hazitation as he has a larger view of experience in the world of happiness and to capture the sadness of the people to to spread happiness.

This is never seemed if Rajpal Acts in the movie and the user or viewers do not laugh or a person full of sadness will too be capable to laugh through.

Sahil Vaid

Sahil Vaid known as Deepak in the movie will be seen to play the role of a person who is in the greed of taking revenge from Hoshiyar Chand.

Due to the Trending Circumstances, there are discussions about boycotting the Bollywood movies and beside this the directors are busy in leading and making dubbed movies, which makes the people more angry regarding Bollywood.

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