Indoo Ki Jawani - Kiara Advani Latest 2020 Movie

 Kiara Advani Upcoming Movie named "Indoo Ki Jawani"  Going to be too block Bustor for the users is being released soon and is directed by Abir Sengupta.



The Movie is going to be full of comedy and would provide almost all kind of thrill which would give its best to overcome the other movies.


Indoo ki Jawani Movie Casts :- 


1. Kiara Adwani.


In the Movie kiara as indira or Indoo is a unmarried girl who has changed her mind to find  a good and responsible husband for her. but it is too difficult for her to find the best one guy and finally she meets the one at Tinder(An Online Dating app) with name Dev Sharma. and afterall she invites him to her house to spend some days and know each others.


2. Aditya Seal


Aditya in the movie as Dev comes to indoo's house after her invitation and shows full of his gentry and indoo tries to make him out of his control to examine him.


But after all Dev was known to be a terrrorist in the movie from Pakistan and has come to perform a special mission in Kashmir by Indoo.


3. Malika Dua 


Malika Dua as Sonal who seems to be the best friend of indoo and also to be a master mind for the Indoo would give Some Kind of Special GYAN to indoo. she seems to be more intelligent and knowledgable in love and affair and would give information to indoo about love and boys.


Indoo Ki Jawani Movie Theme :-


  The movie shows the story of a single girl who is now bored of her single life and tries to find a boy for dating and afterward marriage. But she is failed in finding the perfect one for her as she do not finds required qualities.


But after her friend Sonal's Advice she tries the Tinder  app and finds the one after all. she invites the guy to her home to spend a little bit time and know each other perfectly as she thought is necessary before the marriage.


The boy shows himself as calmed nature and very serious due to which indoo tries to make him out of his control and take off some mischief but he passes it.


when she hears the news of a terrorist in her area who is hidden in anyone's house from pakistan and finds that guy is too from pakistan thinks him as a terrorist and treats as a terrorist.


the rest of the scene will be declared in the movie.

Hope you liked it and enjoy it :)

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