KGF - Chapter 2 Latest Movie (2020) Review.

 KGF is the most hit movie in the Bollywood blockbuster. this is an Kannada language Based movie but due to its reach it had to be released in many other languages including hindi.

This movie after Coming in cinema touched the people's heart and almost every person gave a positive rating for the movie. Because the movie shows the most authentic scenes over the things and the old type city was selected as a place to shoot for the movie which gave a completely different look to the KGF the gold palace.


Movie Leading Actor Mr.Yash aka Rocky's status has been changed after the First chapter and because of this his movie charging amount has been increased for the KGF Chapter 2 for which almost every one is waiting.


 And as the first part of the movie was too popular and it created a creative craziness among the people and there is a hidden thing in the movie which created a new and best thing for the people to watch the chapter 2 of the KGF movie. And beside this many of the star casts are selected for the movie and below are their bio and some of the details related to the movie.

Casts of KGF Chapter 2 :




Yash (Raja Krishnaappa Bairya / Rocky)

Yash wil be leading the main role of the Movie and will get the most of the llove from the people who in the first chapter played the major role  in the movie to acquire the KGF Town : The city of Gold.


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KGF's Most loved actor Yash aka Rocky has taken the complete KGF under him and beside this his other brother Adheera will try to capture it from the Rocky. and it is basic for him after the KGF to charge a huge amount from the producer to act into the movie because of his swag and his boldness.


Sanjay Dutt


Sanjay Dutt (Adheera)

he Will be leading the main role as Adheera in the movie to acquire the whole city from the Rocky as told in the first chapter of the movie. as he is seen by almost all the people of india as well into the other countries too, sanjay has a deep and bass bold look as a villain into the movie.


 In the Movie, Sanjay Dutt the known star actor of Bollywood will be seen as the Adheera which has created a thrill in the mind of people over the world who have watched the first chapter of this movie.


Srindhi shetty


Srindhi Shetty (Reena Desai) 

She will be leading the role as a wife of Rocky whose love story has been shown in the first part and will be declared in the upcoming chapter of the movie.

 Shrindhi in the chapter 2 of KGF will be seen as the wife of Rocky as their lovestory was seen to be unended in the first part of the movie.


Raveena Tandon


Raveena Tandon (Ramika Sen)

Raveena is only seen in the second part of the movie as there was not much story about her in the first part. she will be working as a poltical party and will try to make the city safe from both Rocky and the Adheera.


As she will be seen as a government leader she will too try to make the clear and the required descisions for the KGF the gold city.

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