Laxmmi Bomb (Laxmii ) latest 2020 Movie Akshay Kumar

 Laxmmi Bomb is an Upcoming movie releasing on 9 of November in 2020 in which leading Actor will be the star of Bollywood Mr. Akshay Kumar and the actress Kiara Advani will be seen as performing and as the leading actor actores in the movie.

as most of the people know that the movie is a dubbing or one can say the remake of a South Movie named Kanchana which is completely based on a transgender revenge. when the transgender's family was snatched from them. so he tries to take it back from the one.


In the movie Akshay Kumar will be seen in the character of a transgender who has been done and again has it taken place in the body of Akshay to take his unusual taken revenge. so its going to be a deep thrill into the movie so one should definitely try this out if he as too daring to do so.


This movie is going to develop many kind of thrill into the mind of viewers like horror, suspence, drama and Comedy. which is the necessary part of the movie for actor Akshay Kumar. because he is most popular for the comedy as well memes such as of hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pher, welcome and khatta meetha and others too.


Beside this there are more Actors and the casts who had also given their best to make the movie more admirable and good for the users.


Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar (Asif / Laxmii)


Akshay Kumar will be seen as Asif in the movie to take the revenge and will also provide the best ever comedy, Horror and the different kind of thrills in the movie. and akshay will be more creative into the movie as he has been in the role of a transgender which will be definitely most crazier ever as he has never done before like this.

so one who has most best as of Akshay , must definitely try this out because on this most best movie for one, akshay will be not a girl nor a male but instead he will be seen as a transgender.


Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani (Priya)


As kiara is a hot actress into the mind of people over india as well into the other countries too, her popularity into the people has been created and will be seen almost first time with Akshay kumar.


she will be seen as the Girl in wife of akshay before a simple life than the change of transgender. but tried hard to help asif who was a transgender and beside this she gave her best with akshay to make people entertain a lot but as it was a remake most of the people avoided to watch the movie.


Sharad Kelkar

Sharad Kelkar (Laxxmi)

Sharad Kelkar will be seen as Laxxmi mainly Transgender who has been trying to take the Revenge by using the body of Asif (Akshay Kumar).


So if you liked the story of Kanchana movie which may be said to be the inspiration of the Laxmii movie as it is a remake of kanchana it can't be more valueable and all the audience which will take over the movie will be most trusted fans of Akshay.

Because the people who has seen the movie before why would they try to watch it again only with the different character. 

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