Sara Ali Khan In Upcoming Movie - Coolie No. 1

 Waiting for the Bollywood's next remake during this extreme situation of Virus in here but just get relaxed and start arranging the POP-Corns for your next entertained time.



Here your wait has comes to an end as of Coolie No. 1 - To be said as a next remake of Bollywood Movie. You can now entertain your time in watching the movie. Sara Ali khan who seems as Malati in the movie has played well enough role in the movie which has targeted almost the face of every people during the movie.


This buster Movie has touched the hearts of people only via the trailer but beside this Sara has given their fans a dash look and now just wait for her cutie pics.


So, Sara As Malati in the movie is going to be playing the role as a daughter of a hindi known " Khadoos " named Hoshiyar Singh. he wants to get her daughter marry of with well known rich person who can afford almost everything possible for his daughter.


Due to some of the reasons, a person other than the scope, for completing the revenge changes a coolie into a fake rich person and makes him meet with Hoshiyar singh. and due to his cruel nature Hoshiyar singh, tends him to be his Son-in-law.


And the movie is goes on with some of the fantastic meaning, this makes the movie most loved by the people.As this movie is a remake of Old Bollywood movie leaded by govinda and Karishma kapoor. but instead many of the people or personally we do not require the dubbing of bollywood movies.


Here are some of the pics of Sara Ali Khan from the latest movie. which her fan will be definitely waiting for and so now let's take a closer look over there.


Reaction on Coolie No. 1


but as of now, the movie has been released over the big network named - Amazon Prime Video and the people did not find the thing what they expected from the movie.


So here we will discuss the movie as of now the movie has been rated by the people and they will their-self declare the meaning as well impression of the movie.


Varun Dhawan in the movie who has been seen as performing the leading role of the movie will be working as the remake of the movie of old hit bollywood movie - Coolie No. 1. the movie has been copying of the movie Coolie no.1.


As this named movie has been done earlier by the most popular actor - govinda who has loot hearts of people and made a perfect image over the mind of people in the movie. so Varun dhawan has tried to change the image or let's say he wanted to just replace the image via himself, but no gain.


the movie has not given any kind of different thrill as many of the people has already seen the old movie which has has not given any kind of extra thrill.

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