Bachchan Pandey - Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol and Ritesh Desmukh latest Movie

 So, its a time to talk about the Bollywood's next step after the 2021 New Year's  Eve ! in which there are some confusions about the Upcoming Bollywood movie - Bachchan Pandey.

so let's go ahead one step and know the theme as well concept of this Upcoming Hot start Bollywood Actor - Akshay Kumar. what the theme of the movie is and how will it attract the user retention and who or which Casts in the movie will be seen as performing over the stage.
The movie - Bachchan Pandey, is directed by Farhad Samji starring at Akshay kumar and Kriti Sanon giving a faulous perfomance into the movie, so let's now take a look over the Bachchan Pandey movie's Casts :


Casts of Bachchan Pandey Movie :


Kriti Sanon

Kriti in the Movie will be seen into the role of Leading actress who has also done some more popular movies earlier and now it is a golden chance for her to perform with the Bollywood star Akshay kumar.


Akshay Kumar

Akshay kumar has increased the craze of people after adding his presence into the movie, for which people are creatively waiting for it and will be more popular movie as the public is showing and the other social media are too talking about it.


Bobby Deol

 so the most cost in the movie is Boby Deol who has a grade and dashing performance over all the
 movies and it has been some popularity all over the Bollywood and now will be seen as performing
as a cut into the movie Bacchan Pandey.


Ritesh Desmukh

Ritesh Deshmukh will be seen in the movie Bacchan Pande and will be more dashing,  as he has done many of the comedy movie before so people has too much craze over it.


So the movie will be more crazy and people will be entertained fully e,  so so let's take a look over the movie:


the movie going to be released on 22nd of January 2021,  but due to the Global activities which may be the reason like to be covid-19,  movie’s  initial release can be delayed over the time as Motihari budget Suryavanshi has been delayed still now to go to be released  in in March of 2020.


so now let's talk something about Bollywood and now take a look over the trending news about bollywood;


there are many of the things about bollywoood which needs to be stopped but one and a single person can't do anythings which will do nothing.


Bollywood now has started copying the old hit movies or let's say they've started making the Remake of Bollywood old Most Hit Movies and the expecting behind this thing is to just earn money such if the old movie was popular then this too will be most popular.


But this thing is not acceptable to the people as they've already seen and taken it as entertainment source and do not want it again too, they need some new and fresh content to see.

hope this post talked about your mind things about Bollwood :)

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