KGF - Chapter 2 How will Rocky handle it ? Movie Review

 so, what an pleasant surprize of Bollywood to wish the rocking star Yash on his 35th birthday when the director of the movie KGF - chapter 2 has released a teaser of KGF Chapter 2 movie. on date 8th of jan in 2021st, prashanth neel gave a pleasant surprize over the birthday of Rocking star Yash.


KGF which first part has taken the hearts of people and almost all of them were waiting for the next and upcoming part which was KGF Part 2, before some days a trailer means a teaser has been released for the people and people gave a great retention over it which shows about how many people were waiting with heart for the KGF 2.


The movie has some more powerful stars which are most liked by almost all the people over india as well in other countries too. and after the KGF first part in the south of india, it got viral over all the india which also changed the status of yash as Rocky in the movie.


And let's now talk about a little over the casts of the movie as we always do, so to do so you need to just go through this post and you will get almost all the info about it. 


Casts of KGF Chapter 2 movie :


So here are the casts of kgf chapter 2 movie which has been updated as over the first part and some more of casts has taken some role which you need to know thorugh this post.


Casts of KGF - Chapter 2 Movie:


1. Yash - 


Yash as rocky in the first part of KGF had a heart touching character as well he was also shown as a monster in the movie who instead of getting and snatching the seat or the KGF would like to build up the people and then took down Garuda who was a crude ruler of KGF.


So after only this movie, yash had a completely change in his status as well in his life which changed his place in bollywood too and after this movie yash's value has increased a lot in these days.


So, people were waiting a lot for him and now when his kgf's new teaser has been released, everyone got a more heartbeat and they showed much of their and instead of this the owner did not need to hide the audience retention as before like Laxmii of akshay kumar and Coolie No. 1 of Varun Dhawan. when their trailer was launched they need to hide the likes as well dislikes.


And now everyone has the wait about how the movie will go on and after just the trailer people's craze for the movie as well for the yash as Rocky in the movie has increased and has reached over a hight which has not been else covered by any other.


2. Sanjay Dutt -

 So after the first part of the movie, prashanth neel has changed and alloted a character of Adheera which has been decided only after the first part. addn now a days sanjay's new look as Adheera's look has been released.


So Adheera in the movie will be seen as a villain in the movie, and will be found as taking a look to get over the KGF from Rocky.

3. Raveena Tondan -


 Raveena in the movie will be seen as Ramika Sen in the movie which has been the leader of Government and will take the required actions for the KGF.

KGF's Other Casts :

beside them there are also some other casts which will be seen performing over the screen so lets also know who they are:

  1. Shrinddhi Shetty as Reena
  2. Archna jois
  3. Ramachandra Raju As Garuda
  4. Sonu
  5. Prakash Raj
  6. Vasishta N. Simha

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