About us

 About Us

Hi friends!

 I am Sachin Jangid who runs this blog(Techzoon.xyz).
i am a resident of Rewari district of Haryana. And my aim is to provide all the information of the tech related i have known.
so please support me to reach most of the people .

Beside this i also have a youtube channel ('Tech zoon') in which i tells the people tips and tricks to be popular on youtube.
there i provide tips to the new creators related to seo and the new methods to grow the youtube channel.
you can also follow me there.

About Us-

     Name -                             Sachin Jangid
     City -                                Bawal
     State -                               Haryana
     Pin Code-                         12351
     Contact Email-                Sachinpc2003@gmail.com
     Youtube channel link-     www.youtube.com/techzoonofficial

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