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Bachchan Pandey - Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol and Ritesh Desmukh latest Movie

Bachchan Pandey - Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol and Ritesh Desmukh latest Movie

 So, its a time to talk about the Bollywood's next step after the 2021 New Year's  Eve ! in which there are some confusions about the Upcoming Bollywood movie - Bachchan Pandey.

so let's go ahead one step and know the theme as well concept of this Upcoming Hot start Bollywood Actor - Akshay Kumar. what the theme of the movie is and how will it attract the user retention and who or which Casts in the movie will be seen as performing over the stage.
The movie - Bachchan Pandey, is directed by Farhad Samji starring at Akshay kumar and Kriti Sanon giving a faulous perfomance into the movie, so let's now take a look over the Bachchan Pandey movie's Casts :


Casts of Bachchan Pandey Movie :


Kriti Sanon

Kriti in the Movie will be seen into the role of Leading actress who has also done some more popular movies earlier and now it is a golden chance for her to perform with the Bollywood star Akshay kumar.


Akshay Kumar

Akshay kumar has increased the craze of people after adding his presence into the movie, for which people are creatively waiting for it and will be more popular movie as the public is showing and the other social media are too talking about it.


Bobby Deol

 so the most cost in the movie is Boby Deol who has a grade and dashing performance over all the
 movies and it has been some popularity all over the Bollywood and now will be seen as performing
as a cut into the movie Bacchan Pandey.


Ritesh Desmukh

Ritesh Deshmukh will be seen in the movie Bacchan Pande and will be more dashing,  as he has done many of the comedy movie before so people has too much craze over it.


So the movie will be more crazy and people will be entertained fully e,  so so let's take a look over the movie:


the movie going to be released on 22nd of January 2021,  but due to the Global activities which may be the reason like to be covid-19,  movie’s  initial release can be delayed over the time as Motihari budget Suryavanshi has been delayed still now to go to be released  in in March of 2020.


so now let's talk something about Bollywood and now take a look over the trending news about bollywood;


there are many of the things about bollywoood which needs to be stopped but one and a single person can't do anythings which will do nothing.


Bollywood now has started copying the old hit movies or let's say they've started making the Remake of Bollywood old Most Hit Movies and the expecting behind this thing is to just earn money such if the old movie was popular then this too will be most popular.


But this thing is not acceptable to the people as they've already seen and taken it as entertainment source and do not want it again too, they need some new and fresh content to see.

hope this post talked about your mind things about Bollwood :)

Golmaal 5 Latest 2021 Movie Unanswered Questions and Review

Golmaal 5 Latest 2021 Movie Unanswered Questions and Review

So Golmaal System best movie which is most loved by almost every people and it has created of different mood in everybody life.


The movie has about 3 to 4 hours with has never dissatisfied the people in any kind,  and this is the best thing ever because in most of the movies it is basically seen that in the first part the movie has different story and in the second part movie turns into another line.



So the movie’s  next part has been approved to be created and to bring the happiness of whole the people again with the movie titled -  Golmaal 5.


So let's take a look over there and know what is the theme of the next story and who will be seen as performing in the movie.  as this is the most loved series of Bollywood ever by the people then it can be more powerful than the other parts.


Casts for Golmaal 5 Movie:


So before doing any of the task we must take a look over the cast of the movie Who are the the most deserving people ever. so here is the list of the cast of Golmaal 5 movie :


Ajay Devgan


The first one and the leading role will be performed by Ajay Devgan who has been seen in all of the part of the movie and has created and most funny moment for all the people and the viewers.


Ajay Devgan in the movie will be seen as performing the main and the leading role in the  moviee and will be known as leading actor of the movie.


As before this in whole part of the movie Ajay Devgan has been seen in the leading role so this is not a kind of confusion that will be seen as the main actor in the movie Golmaal 5.


And once again  Ajay Devgan will be named as Gopal, Who internet some parts is shown  as dashing fighter and a comedian person.


Tusshar Kapoor


Tushar Kapoor in the last part of the movie has tried his best to make people laugh ever better and is seen as a person who can't speak anymore but due to some reasons and to make people laugh in the last  movie -  Golmaal again,  Tushar Kapoor start speaking very clearly and all of the people were shocked.


Tushar Kapoor in the movie will be seen as Lucky Gill And is basically named as lucky in the movie who has the great and super role in the movie.


Arshad Warsi


Arshad Warsi in the movie has played a well in a role in the movie and has tried his ever best to make all the people laugh and there is only a Little Chances or even negligible chances that in the movie of Arshad Warsi people to not laugh.


So Arshad Warsi in the movie has been named as Madhav, Where the kind enough roll to make the people laugh and in a comedy movie there should be some characters like Arshad Warsi.


And beside these characters there are also some more characters who are listed below :

  • Kunal Khemu as laxmann
  • Shreyas talpade as Laxmann prasad Apte.


So here is the list of all the character and the people will be seen as performing the role in the movie and will make people laugh but there are still some question which are not answered  and people are very crazy about them to the answered.


So here are some conditions and some predictions which can be seen as answer of this question and will help you a lot to get the information from the movie.


Who will be the leading actress in Golmaal 5 movie ?


This question is most asked by the people but still not answered,  so there are some more prediction about the Kareena Kapoor as the leading actress in the movie.  as seen as the leading actress in the last movie Golmaal again.

Coolie No. 1(2020) Latest Upcoming Movie Review.

Coolie No. 1(2020) Latest Upcoming Movie Review.

 Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali khan Upcoming hindi dubbed movie Coolie No. 1, is set to be releasing in December on 25th which is also the Date of Christmas.


The Movie is Directed by David Dhawan and is Produced By Vashu Bhagnani. the movie is a hindi dubbed of Bollywood Star Govinda's and actress Karishma Kapoor's Movie Coolie No. 1.



 Casts in the movie are said to be the king of comedy which will tend the movie into another direction and it may be said to be the single reason for the movie to be seen by the people.


But, lagging these things beside let's make the day and make a happy review and let's know about the Star Casts of the Movie.


Varun Dhawan


Varun Dhawan who will be seen as the lead Actor in the movie known as Raju, is a coolie on the station who is chosen as  Pawn by Sahil Vaid to complete his own revenge from Paresh rawal who is in the greed of money and is also thinking to marry her daughter off to the World richest person.


this will change the character of Varun Dhawan into a professional rich person on the words of Sahil Vaid. 


Sara Ali Khan


Sara Ali known as Malati in the movie will be seen as the leading actress role and is the daughter of Paresh Rawal (Hoshiyar Chand).


Also she falls into the love of Raju and now she do not care about his wealth and just only want to marry with him.


Paresh Rawal


In the movie Paresh Rawal with the name of Hoshiyar chand, is the father of Sara Ali khan and tends to get her daughter married with a rich and well known person.


But, he was made fool and was shown a Coolie with a rich look to take the revenge and to destroy the angerness of Him.


Rajpal Yadav


The movie having the character of Rajpal yadav can be said to be full of comedy without any hazitation as he has a larger view of experience in the world of happiness and to capture the sadness of the people to to spread happiness.


This is never seemed if Rajpal Acts in the movie and the user or viewers do not laugh or a person full of sadness will too be capable to laugh through.


Sahil Vaid


Sahil Vaid known as Deepak in the movie will be seen to play the role of a person who is in the greed of taking revenge from Hoshiyar Chand.


Due to the Trending Circumstances, there are discussions about boycotting the Bollywood movies and beside this the directors are busy in leading and making dubbed movies, which makes the people more angry regarding Bollywood.

Brahmastra Latest Amitabh Bachchan Ranbir Kapoor Movie Latest News

Brahmastra Latest Amitabh Bachchan Ranbir Kapoor Movie Latest News

So everyone the waiter as well the informer and the people who are into the mood about when would bollywood launch a product as a movie so that they could entertain and spend a precious time with their families.



but before going on ahead to this post we must be aware about this movie has almost all those casts which has a great as well a large images onto the walls of Bollywood so let's take a look there and know who are going to perfomr at there.


So after the big block bustor movie of Amitabh Bachchan who performed into the movie - Gulabo Sitabo, amitabh bachchan has a great and a giant look into the upcoming bollywood and the biggest bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan's Movie Brahmmastra.


So the Brahmastra the Upcoming Amitabh Bachcan or let's say him by name Big-B's movie, is being directed by Ayan Mukherjee who has shared a antique as well the unique ideas with as much well known super stars.


Amitabh Bachchan


So this is not a thing to say that in a movie, Big - B Performs and people leave it in mid becuase of his great acting and when he acts in any character into the movie, he gives his beset and nobody mostly gives up in disguising the character and knowing that the Amitabh is on the stage and in that character.

so the movie is going to be hit as well popular as the casts has been added into the movie with very micro clarity.


Alia Bhatt 


 So the next generation of Bollywood mainly known with the character - Alia Bhatt will be seen as performing into the leading role which is a best thing for the fans and the movie will be seen into completely different direciton.


Mouni Roy

So talking about Mouni Roy is like to be a good thing as she always gives her best into all of her movies with heart as well with her hard work too.As she has already worked into the earlier bollywood and other local serials which is a big thing for one if he is selected into the bollywood after the serials.


Nagarjuna Akkineni


Nagarjuna Akkineni is an popular actor over the south side which has made a creative image among the people over the category of Comedy and his success has too tied to be with him after watching his hard work for his passion.


Ranbir Kapoor

So the known actor Ranbir Kapoor will be also seen as performing into the movie as well into the leading role too with the Alia Bhatt, and the director himself declared about the character of Ranbir Kapoor to be inspired from The known character of Rumi.


So due to the trending activities into the World, Such COVID-19, there all of the cinema houses as well the theatres are been closed due to these activites. but beside this as known by the media and other reporters the movie is been going to be released on upcoming feb of 2021.

KGF - Chapter 2 Latest Movie (2020) Review.

KGF - Chapter 2 Latest Movie (2020) Review.

 KGF is the most hit movie in the Bollywood blockbuster. this is an Kannada language Based movie but due to its reach it had to be released in many other languages including hindi.



This movie after Coming in cinema touched the people's heart and almost every person gave a positive rating for the movie. Because the movie shows the most authentic scenes over the things and the old type city was selected as a place to shoot for the movie which gave a completely different look to the KGF the gold palace.


Movie Leading Actor Mr.Yash aka Rocky's status has been changed after the First chapter and because of this his movie charging amount has been increased for the KGF Chapter 2 for which almost every one is waiting.


 And as the first part of the movie was too popular and it created a creative craziness among the people and there is a hidden thing in the movie which created a new and best thing for the people to watch the chapter 2 of the KGF movie. And beside this many of the star casts are selected for the movie and below are their bio and some of the details related to the movie.

Casts of KGF Chapter 2 :




Yash (Raja Krishnaappa Bairya / Rocky)

Yash wil be leading the main role of the Movie and will get the most of the llove from the people who in the first chapter played the major role  in the movie to acquire the KGF Town : The city of Gold.


Read More :- Golmaal 5 Latest Upcoming Movie Unanswered Questions.


KGF's Most loved actor Yash aka Rocky has taken the complete KGF under him and beside this his other brother Adheera will try to capture it from the Rocky. and it is basic for him after the KGF to charge a huge amount from the producer to act into the movie because of his swag and his boldness.


Sanjay Dutt


Sanjay Dutt (Adheera)

he Will be leading the main role as Adheera in the movie to acquire the whole city from the Rocky as told in the first chapter of the movie. as he is seen by almost all the people of india as well into the other countries too, sanjay has a deep and bass bold look as a villain into the movie.


 In the Movie, Sanjay Dutt the known star actor of Bollywood will be seen as the Adheera which has created a thrill in the mind of people over the world who have watched the first chapter of this movie.


Srindhi shetty


Srindhi Shetty (Reena Desai) 

She will be leading the role as a wife of Rocky whose love story has been shown in the first part and will be declared in the upcoming chapter of the movie.

 Shrindhi in the chapter 2 of KGF will be seen as the wife of Rocky as their lovestory was seen to be unended in the first part of the movie.


Raveena Tandon


Raveena Tandon (Ramika Sen)

Raveena is only seen in the second part of the movie as there was not much story about her in the first part. she will be working as a poltical party and will try to make the city safe from both Rocky and the Adheera.


As she will be seen as a government leader she will too try to make the clear and the required descisions for the KGF the gold city.