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Kaagaz - latest Pankaj Tripathi Movie 2021 Review

Kaagaz - latest Pankaj Tripathi Movie 2021 Review

 so hey guyz !


once again the bollywood has started the new way and put toward over a new movie, named- Kaagaz directed by Satish Kaushik. the movie is starred at the leading actor Pankaj Tripathi and the leading actress Monal Gujjar.


 So movie is going to be more happier and interesting for the fan of Pankaj who has recently be seen in the series of Mirzapur and this mode completely changed his passion and gave him a new look.


Today in this post we are going to review the trailer of upcoming bollywood movie named with Kaagaz, because of the bollywood recent activities this movie has something good is, it has not hidden its like and dislike over the video published as the Trailer on the youtube.


Because the recent and the bollywood's previous movies such as Laxmii(laxmii bomb), Coolie no. 1 has hidden their like and dislike over the trailer video because of the public anger.


So let's start the review and know what the movie is based upon and what is the theme of movie Kaagaz, so let's take a look over there and know how bollywood will go on exept the way of Remake of old movies, because it is another shot of bollywood in the unique movies.


Before going on let's take a look over the casts of the movie because without the casts info and without their name in Movie, one can't understand the movie theme, so let's get started.


Casts of Kaagaz Movie 2021 ?


The upcoming movie Kaagaz consists the following casts:

  • Pankaj Tripathi (As Lal Bihari )
  • Monal Gujjar
  • Sandeepa Dhar
  • Amar Upadhyay (As Vidhayak JaganPal)


What is the Theme of Kaagaz movie :


so before going ahead let's take a macro look over the theme and the story of Kaagaz movie


so the movie has an interesting thing and story, imagine you are eating something, and just then you takes a look over the newspaper on which your image is posted with word Late. means your de*d but you are still eating your food. so the movie too has the same story such as the told above.


so the movie is being released on 7th of Jan in 2021 on the Zmusic, so just go and book the sear for yourself and for your family too as the movie is family friendly. 

In the movie, Pankaj Upadhyay as Lal Bihari in Kaagaz has been declared as Late in the movie as by official documents in the Government Offices. he Tries to make it clarify but it creates a Thrill in the movie and makes the story of the movie it is the thing to know how will he manage so in the movie.


so it is the theme of theme of the movie to be seen that will lal bihari in the movie will be able to get success in proving himself alive which has been submitted as late in the official government documents. and it is the most good thing for the Star Salman Khan to promote and to create a movie with adding Pankaj tripathi in the movie as a leading actor.

hope it made you happy :)

Sara Ali Khan In Upcoming Movie - Coolie No. 1

Sara Ali Khan In Upcoming Movie - Coolie No. 1

 Waiting for the Bollywood's next remake during this extreme situation of Virus in here but just get relaxed and start arranging the POP-Corns for your next entertained time.



Here your wait has comes to an end as of Coolie No. 1 - To be said as a next remake of Bollywood Movie. You can now entertain your time in watching the movie. Sara Ali khan who seems as Malati in the movie has played well enough role in the movie which has targeted almost the face of every people during the movie.


This buster Movie has touched the hearts of people only via the trailer but beside this Sara has given their fans a dash look and now just wait for her cutie pics.


So, Sara As Malati in the movie is going to be playing the role as a daughter of a hindi known " Khadoos " named Hoshiyar Singh. he wants to get her daughter marry of with well known rich person who can afford almost everything possible for his daughter.


Due to some of the reasons, a person other than the scope, for completing the revenge changes a coolie into a fake rich person and makes him meet with Hoshiyar singh. and due to his cruel nature Hoshiyar singh, tends him to be his Son-in-law.


And the movie is goes on with some of the fantastic meaning, this makes the movie most loved by the people.As this movie is a remake of Old Bollywood movie leaded by govinda and Karishma kapoor. but instead many of the people or personally we do not require the dubbing of bollywood movies.


Here are some of the pics of Sara Ali Khan from the latest movie. which her fan will be definitely waiting for and so now let's take a closer look over there.


Reaction on Coolie No. 1


but as of now, the movie has been released over the big network named - Amazon Prime Video and the people did not find the thing what they expected from the movie.


So here we will discuss the movie as of now the movie has been rated by the people and they will their-self declare the meaning as well impression of the movie.


Varun Dhawan in the movie who has been seen as performing the leading role of the movie will be working as the remake of the movie of old hit bollywood movie - Coolie No. 1. the movie has been copying of the movie Coolie no.1.


As this named movie has been done earlier by the most popular actor - govinda who has loot hearts of people and made a perfect image over the mind of people in the movie. so Varun dhawan has tried to change the image or let's say he wanted to just replace the image via himself, but no gain.


the movie has not given any kind of different thrill as many of the people has already seen the old movie which has has not given any kind of extra thrill.

Durgamati - The Myth (2020) Latest Bollywood Movie Review

Durgamati - The Myth (2020) Latest Bollywood Movie Review

 2020 Latest Upcoming movie named Durgamati - The Myth is a South dubbed Movie directed by Ashok G. with the Bollywood Stars.



This upcoming horror movie has given a different definition to itself own as the movie is titled with the text "The Myth". which creatively removes every kind of horror and the suspense created over the mind of the viewer during the movie.


Beside this as it is perfectly a remake of Telugu movie Bhaagamathie, this is the second one from the Bollywood's another remake of Kanchana movie named Laxmii with the lead actor Akshay Kumar.


Durgamati Movie Casts :-


So, now without making more delay in the day, let's see and imagine the star faces which will be seen into the movie and will perform well with their best.


1. Bhumi Pednekar 

( Chanchal Chauhan IAS / Durgamati ). 


In the movie Bhumi pednekar who is seen as Durgamati and the lead actress in the movie, is an IAS Officer named Chanchal Chauhan.


Bhumi arises the theme of the movie with a story of soul into her reached to make some left scene and to finish her revenge.


This gives the story a completely different mode and the story goes over a  different look but as it is a remake we must also talk about the first make of this movie name already discussed above as Bhaagamathie.  


In the movie Bhaagamathie, the leading role of the movie was held by Anushka Shetty whose voice as a queen has touched the heart of people as never forgettable. But in this movie, Bhumi is unable to lead over it and the voice is not kindly liked by the people.


2. Arshad Warsi

( Ishwar Prasad )


Arshad warsi as ishwar prasad in the movie is a known well suited leader for the nation. who is in the politics for the people. plays an important and  a suspicious role into the movie which has given a perfect mode into the movie.


Basically as seen into the other or most of the movies, the role played by Arshad Warsi, has created a different and a unique identity or let's say a character for the people to laugh and there are rarely chance, that Arshad's character in the movie do not make the people laugh.


So, let's see what's gonna to be and what goes over the movie Releasing on Amazon Prime Videos.


Other Casts in the movie :- 

Mahie Gill As Nidhi Verma

Jisshu Sen gupta

Karan Kapadia as Rohan

"Laxmii" Latest 2020 Full Movie Akshay Kumar & Kiara Advani

"Laxmii" Latest 2020 Full Movie Akshay Kumar & Kiara Advani

So everyone who keeps interest in Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies should take a great relax and ready his family too,  because for them the new blockbuster movie Laxmii has been arrived into the theatre. as on 9th November 2020,  Akshay Kumar who is the star of Bollywood now a days and the actress Kiara Advani has launched their latest and best movie Laxmii.

So the people who know Akshay Kumar familiar to that of Akshay Kumar performs in all his movies,  so it's not a thing to help about how the movie will go on because all of them know if Akshay Kumar is there in any movie there are less and given negligible chances that the audience won’t laugh.

 so it is a time for those who are old at their house to to the lockdown in full country India,  and because of it there are are no cinema open at this time so all you need to do is to just get a subscription of Disney hotstar  and make your home as your creative with your family as well your friends too.

And as of now the people who wanted to watch the movie at the starting need to get a paid subscription of Disney hotstar as the movie is been released as a world premiere on Disney hotst

So as it is 8 remake of old popular movie Kanchana,  many of us have been prohibited and leave to watch the movie because of the old jeans and many of us have wached the movie so because watching a movie again and again is not as interesting.

 and as of now, many of the people are creating awareness about top remake Bollywood and as through our opinion it is also true that watching a movie which is a remake of old popular movie is not a good thing because the people who have already watched that movie will not be able to and will not be interested in watching the movie again and again.


And if we talked about the story of the movie And if we talk about the story of the movie Laxmii,  then we need not to you think higher because as it is a remake then all of the scene values dialogues as well the characters will be same only the court will be different.


 so it's not a most important thing for everyone because we need to get an interesting and over extra think if the director adds something from himself into the movie and update it script as well the dialogue then it may be more powerful.


But no gain the movie is full of remake and instead of doing some other things the background music as well the songs are too  similar to that of the old Kanchna Movie.


So all you need to do to watch the movie with your family and other relatives and the other friends you need to get a paid subscription as of now due to the covid-19 the cinemas and theatres are break so make your home as a theatre and try to enjoy it as all of now.

Laxmmi Bomb (Laxmii ) latest 2020 Movie Akshay Kumar

Laxmmi Bomb (Laxmii ) latest 2020 Movie Akshay Kumar

 Laxmmi Bomb is an Upcoming movie releasing on 9 of November in 2020 in which leading Actor will be the star of Bollywood Mr. Akshay Kumar and the actress Kiara Advani will be seen as performing and as the leading actor actores in the movie.

as most of the people know that the movie is a dubbing or one can say the remake of a South Movie named Kanchana which is completely based on a transgender revenge. when the transgender's family was snatched from them. so he tries to take it back from the one. 


In the movie Akshay Kumar will be seen in the character of a transgender who has been done and again has it taken place in the body of Akshay to take his unusual taken revenge. so its going to be a deep thrill into the movie so one should definitely try this out if he as too daring to do so.


This movie is going to develop many kind of thrill into the mind of viewers like horror, suspence, drama and Comedy. which is the necessary part of the movie for actor Akshay Kumar. because he is most popular for the comedy as well memes such as of hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pher, welcome and khatta meetha and others too.


Beside this there are more Actors and the casts who had also given their best to make the movie more admirable and good for the users.


Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar (Asif / Laxmii)


Akshay Kumar will be seen as Asif in the movie to take the revenge and will also provide the best ever comedy, Horror and the different kind of thrills in the movie. and akshay will be more creative into the movie as he has been in the role of a transgender which will be definitely most crazier ever as he has never done before like this.

so one who has most best as of Akshay , must definitely try this out because on this most best movie for one, akshay will be not a girl nor a male but instead he will be seen as a transgender.


Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani (Priya)


As kiara is a hot actress into the mind of people over india as well into the other countries too, her popularity into the people has been created and will be seen almost first time with Akshay kumar.


she will be seen as the Girl in wife of akshay before a simple life than the change of transgender. but tried hard to help asif who was a transgender and beside this she gave her best with akshay to make people entertain a lot but as it was a remake most of the people avoided to watch the movie.


Sharad Kelkar

Sharad Kelkar (Laxxmi)

Sharad Kelkar will be seen as Laxxmi mainly Transgender who has been trying to take the Revenge by using the body of Asif (Akshay Kumar).


So if you liked the story of Kanchana movie which may be said to be the inspiration of the Laxmii movie as it is a remake of kanchana it can't be more valueable and all the audience which will take over the movie will be most trusted fans of Akshay.

Because the people who has seen the movie before why would they try to watch it again only with the different character.